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São Paulo Expo wins Caio Award in 2017 for best pavilion for exhibitions

The recognition comes as São Paulo Expo celebrates a successful year in Brazil.

 São Paulo Expo won Golden Alligator for best exhibition pavilion in Brazil at Caio Award 2017. Created in 1999, The "Oscar of Events" encourages, recognizes and values the work of companies and professionals in the Brazilian Events & Tourism Industry, providing recognition in its segment and the media. São Paulo Expo has surpassed the 2 million mark of visitors this year, offering a modern infrastructure with a full range of additional services provided by the group. With a robust portfolio, it is now the destination of some of the most important events held in Brazil.

Thid 18th edition recognized the top 3 destinations for National Events and the top 30 Brazil's Enterprises in the market during the "Night of the Alligator", held at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo capital. In the presence of over 700 guests, Gold, Silver and Bronze Gators were announced by journalists Izabella Camargo (TV Globo) and Roberto Nonato (CBN). Seven nominees also received the Grand Prix Award Caio 2017 in the segments Events - Rodrigo Cordeiro (MCI Brazil), Event Services - Raffaele Cecere (R1 Audiovisual Solutions), Convention Center - Paulo Ventura (Expo Center Norte), Hospitality - Patrick Mendes (Accor Hotels), Institutional - Wilson Ferreira Jr. (AMPRO - Promotional Marketing Association), Destination Marketing - Aristides de La Plata Cury (Skal São Paulo) and Customer - Ana Claudia Panneitz (Pfizer).

The name of the award is a tribute to the pioneer in the area of events and trade shows, creative and successful in launching new products, promoting and organizing events, Caio de Alcantara Machado . 

 São Paulo Expo is part of the GL events Venues Network